At Wonders of Maths, we make maths accessible to everyone by teaching in the way that resonates with each individual. With a holistic approach to understanding each one of our students and their unique learning behaviours, we create bespoke curricula and proprietary resources, leveraging their natural strengths to help them develop a passion towards maths. This mission is fuelled by our fundamental belief that anyone can be good at maths if it is taught in the right way.

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By digitising a proven assessment methodology combined with a content matching algorithm, Wonders of Maths is building a unique personalised teaching platform,  Educai, ensuring each child can reach their full learning potential. Tutors can easily adapt to how their students learn with our bespoke Learning Profiles and content matching algorithm.

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The Problem

In today’s education system, many educators are forced to teach all students in a uniform, standardised method given a lack of time and resources. This generic approach to teaching forces students to conform to "one size fits all" methods, which many students do not respond to, creating a barrier to fulfill their potential - equally causing many of them to fall behind.

Our unique proposition

Wonders of Maths has tutored over 500 children in both 1-1 and group classes, teaching a range of maths curricula from 11+ to A-level, while also training students for high level competitions such as UKMT Maths Challenges and the Maths Olympiad.

Over the years, our experience and the feedback we consistently received from parents and students has allowed us to build our unique proposition - understanding and catering to how children learn as individuals.


Assessment & Learning Profile

Our assessment has been created to determine the student's Learning Profile. This will give deep insight into their behavioural and academic traits.

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Tuition based on Learning Profile

Every single one of our students receives tailored tuition, what we mean by this is that they receive the optimal teaching methods and worksheets. All of this comes from their Learning Profile.


Progress Reports

Parents will receive regular reports on their child's progress, detailing the topics they do well on, the ones they  struggle with and the plan going forward.